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The Whole Tortilla tamales are uniquely delicious, combining traditional ingredients in an innovative tart shape. Our secret blends of the freshest red and green chiles give our food a distinctly New Mexican flair, ensuring full flavor and the perfect amount of heat.

The sassy salsas bring a spicy flavor explosion to every meal. Using whole fruits, vegetables, chile peppers and herbs (skin, seeds, pith, veins, leaves and stems) brings more flavor and nutritional value to all of our foods.

  Green Chile Chicken
Green Chile Chicken Tamale Pie

A savory filling of tender chicken pieces and three green chiles (Anaheim, Guerro and Serrano) is wrapped in our tasty masa...more

  Red Chile Pork
Red Chile Pork Tamale Pie

Our delicious masa is filled with succulent bites of pork spiced with New Mexico, Guajillo and Arbol red chiles as well as sea salt...more

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Food + Drink List
Order for all occasions, whether you want a snack, meal or party appetizer!
Tamales (3.2oz)
Green Chile Chicken,
Red Chile Pork,
Veggie Delight,
Chorizo & Potatoes,
Chicken & Cheese
3-pak $7.00
6-pak $13.75
Fiesta Salad
Tamale/Salad Combo
Green Chile Chili
Red or Green Enchilada
Ceviche Tostada
Salsa w/ Chips
Small Salsa (8 oz)
Large Salsa (16 oz)
Fresh Fruit Drinks &
Agua Fresca

Fresh Watermelon,
Hibiscus (Jamaica) Tea,
For wholesale pricing, food service, retail stores or restaurants, please call 415-642-8893
  Chorizo & Potato
Red+Green Chile Spicy Chorizo Tamale Pie

Spicy chorizo and potatoes mixed with eight green chile varieties combine with our red chile masa to create an amazing taste treat...more

  Veggie Delight
Veggie Delight Tamale Pie

A sublime mix of corn, onion, spinach, squash and green chiles pairs with our flavorful masa to create the most delectable vegan tamale ever...more

Spicy Salsas
  Simply Spicy Salsa
Spicy Tomato Salsa
Click herefor more tomato salsa info.
  Spicy Peach Salsa
Spicy Peach Salsa
Click hereto learn about our peach salsa.
How to Order!
How to Order!

Note: toppings shown do not come with our tamales which are delectable on their own — they need NO additional seasonings. You can add extra zing with our Spicy Salsas (sold separately). Check out recipes for side dishes on the Picante! page.

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