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New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment, a state featuring geographic wonders and cultural diversity with historical significance. Once populated solely by the indigenous Native Americans, New Mexico has also been influenced by Spanish explorers and Mexican colonists.  New Mexican cuisine is based on these cultures, cooking that originated when the region was still part of Mexico. Native Americans utilitzed local resources including chile, corn, beans, squash, wild fruits, nuts and game.  The Spanish brought chickens, pigs, cattle, olives, grapes, rice, sugar, wheat, cinnamon and spices from Europe.

The state flag of New Mexico
State Flag of New Mexico
Red and green chile peppers Red and green chile peppers  

The most defining component of New Mexico cuisine is the chile pepper, red and especially green; New Mexico is top in the nation's chile production. In addition to the traditional Mexican-influenced dishes, New Mexican cooking incorporate chiles into recipes not normally associated with them, for instance: cornbread, cheeseburgers, jams and desserts. The official State question is "Red or Green?” (meaning red or green chile sauce) and if you're not sure which one, say "Christmas" — you'll get both! Red chile sauce is milder and tends to have a fuller, richer flavor. Green chile sauce has a sharper, clearer bite.

The Whole Tortilla brings the New Mexico style of cooking to its specialty foods including tamale pies and salsas. Chile peppers not only add heat but using several different types makes the flavors of The Whole Tortilla's foods more complex and satisfying. Our tamale pies, from filling to masa, feature from three to eight varieties of the red and green chiles popular to New Mexico cuisine including Guerro, Arbol, Guajillo, and Anaheim. The spicy tomato and peach salsas use the very popular Serranos.

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