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Believe it or not, you can heat your favorite tamale pie from The Whole Tortilla in the microwave while its in the aluminum pie pan (minus the plastic lid, of course)!

Contrary to what we’ve been taught, not all metal containers spark when heating food in a microwave. Food stored in aluminum foil packaging can be heated safely in microwave ovens, according to an industry study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV.

Bottom Line: as long as there is food in the aluminum foil pie pan, heating a tamale pie in your microwave isn't hazardous and won't damage the oven.


Image courtesy of AFCMA

The aluminum food container also provides our Word of the Day: tri-ovenability. Aluminum packaging can be used in all oven types: conventional, toaster or microwave. The ultimate in green convenience, The Whole Tortilla tamale pies go from freezer to microwave or stovetop steamer to table and then the packaging (including the lid) goes into your recycle bin!

Microwave Instructions:
1. Remove all lids.
2. Heat one food container at a time.
3. Center aluminum container in microwave, away from walls.
4. Microwave in ovens made after 1980.

From the AFCMA (Aluminum Foil Container Manufacturers Association):

Why Aluminum?
Selected by a number of organizations like Meals on Wheels for its versatility, low cost, and convenience, aluminum possesses many practical features:

Freezer-to-oven convenience
The only packaging that can withstand extreme temperature changes, aluminum can go from the freezer to the oven to the table – saving time during food preparation.

It’s true – aluminum foil containers can be used in microwave ovens! In fact, foods heat more thoroughly in aluminum than in plastic and retain more of their original texture and flavor.

Aluminum containers are leak-resistant, sturdy, stackable, and keep foods fresher than plastic or styrofoam containers.

Easy clean up
Choose easy clean-up or no clean-up. After cooking, save your aluminum containers and recycle them.

Tri-ovenability (there’s that word again!)
Not only can aluminum containers be used in a microwave oven, they also stand up to conventional ovens and toaster ovens without melting, charring, or compromising the food’s original flavor.

Its worth repeating: aluminum is Recyclable!

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