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The Whole Tortilla is a partnership between Ricardo and Vanessa, two creative people who love to cook and enjoy life. Their goal is to captivate people with their tasty, convenient and wholesome New Mexico-style comfort food.


Ricardo is a native of San Jose, CA and one of nine siblings brought up in a traditional Mexican home influenced by New Mexico, where his parents are from. He is a single parent and while raising his three children, became adept at creating economical, tasty and healthy meals. He is passionate about cooking and entertaining; people often request his signature dishes — tamales, guacamole, salsa and ceviche — for their parties. One of Ricardo's long-time goals is to own a restaurant and do what he loves to do, bringing enjoyment to people's lives through his food. The Whole Tortilla is making his dream a reality.

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Vanessa is a native San Franciscan of Nicaraguan and Panamanian descent.  Her love for food and her business background create a great partnership for The Whole Tortilla. She loves to entertain by cooking for friends and loved ones. She has traveled the world, gaining an appreciation for produce and spices from many cultures. Vanessa believes in healthy living and stays current on nutrition through classes and events. The Whole Tortilla customers benefit from her passion for offering foods featuring fresh, natural and wholesome ingredients as well as being economical and sustainable.

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What's in a Name?  

The Whole Tortilla name comes from Ricardo’s childhood memories of being one of nine siblings. As his mother hand made tortillas daily, she would tear them in half and give each child a piece. So although Ricardo could see and smell a complete tortilla coming off the Comal, he only got a portion of it. Now that he’s an adult, he can have the whole tortilla…and more!

The name also reflects our basic food principals: use the freshest produce and wholesome ingredients, incorporate the entire fruit or vegetable, and support a holistic approach to nutrition. We utilize the whole tomato fruit, entire chile peppers and every edible bit of the cilantro plant in our recipes—skin, seeds, pith, veins, leaves and stems. Research has shown that using the whole produce increases the nutritional value of the food.

Vanessa & Ricardo
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