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The Whole Tortilla creates naturally delicious foods with a distinct New Mexican flair. Secret blends of the freshest red and green chiles bring amazing flavor and the right amount of heat to each dish.

Our foods are made with traditional ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. They are 100% natural — no preservatives, artificial flavors, hydrogenated oils or added colors.

Our signature dish is the unique no-husk tamale: a savory filling paired with deliciously spiced masa for a total taste treat! Enjoy green chile chicken, red chile pork, chorizo & potatoes and green chile vegan tamales.

The Whole Tortilla's unique no-husk tamales
Veggie Delight Tamale
Red Chile Pork Tamale

Taste Fridays - Grand Opening 3-9-2012!
Delecto Food! Drinks! Dancing! Click here for More Info


The Story Behind Our Name
There's a great story behind our name! It also represents our belief in using wholesome and healthful ingredients: whole fruits and vegetables (skin, seeds, pith, leaves) for more flavor and nutrition.
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Featured Food
Our Red Chile Pork Tamale is a crowd pleaser. It updates a traditional dish by pairing tasty masa and savory pieces of pork...but no messy husk! We use New Mexico, Guajillo & Arbol red chile peppers.
- Tamale Info

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Simply Spicy Salsa
Green Chile Chicken Tamale
Our unique no-husk tamale
Spicy Peach Salsa
Chorizo & Potato Tamale

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